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We have a high quality big range of products for car repairing, of two important brands: NORTON and 3M used in the whole process of repairing, from the cleaning and surface repairing to the rectification and painting polishing.

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NORTON's logo
The range of NORTON brand offered by AÑABAR includes: Cutting discs, hewing disc, fibre discs and accessories, rectangular Velcro lines, paper Velcro discs, autoadhesive paper discs, bear-tex discs, waterrdry sheets, masking products, adhesive belts and even protection products.
NORTON's product
NORTON's logo
The range of 3M brand offered by AÑABAR, includes: Revetments, chemical abrasives, abrasives for beardless, adhesives, sealers, masking products, plastic repairing, adhesives for glass plate mirrors, masking burlete, microabrasive system 260L, breathers for dust protection, smoke, painting vapours and ever for auditive protection.
3M's product
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