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Description: Application:
RT.410 Shining-Polishing soft metals, aluminium, brass, zamak.
RT.412 Special finishing aluminium zamak.
RT.505 High shining polishing for steel, stainless steel and brass.
RT.600-605 High shining repolishing for all of metals.
RT.610 Repolishing-cleaning for every metal. Fine finishing niekel-plate products.
RT.618 Repolishing and shining methacrylate.
RT.622 Repolishing and cleaning of all of metals.
RT.102 Brushing and polishing with all kind of metals like aluminium profiles and stainless steel platters.
RT.300 Brushing of every metal no ironing metals.

Description: Application:
RT.2010 Polishing of zamak, brass aluminium.
RT.2010-A Polishing of plastic, taps aluminium.
RT.2011 Shining polishing of any kind of plastic, methacrylate, polyester.
RT.2050 Universal. For any kind of shining polishing over metals, stainless steel, brass aluminium.
RT.2053 Shining polishing, stainless steel cuttery.
RT.2054 Shining polishing over any metal.
RT.2055 Brushing of aluminium profiles.
RT.2070 Polishing-cleaning of all of metals. Stainless steel.
RT.2085 Polishing-cleaning of all of metal. Stainless steel.

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